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My name is Rachel O’Connor, RN and I am the founder of Beautiful Dreamer Pediatric Sleep Consulting!

I'm a Neuroscience Registered Nurse, mom, wife and a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant here to help you reclaim sleep - for you and your baby.

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Nothing energizes me more than helping you get your sleep back.

Move over Daylight Saving's Times, Routine Changes, & Sleep Regressions!

Did I really know this is what I'd be doing for a career? Absolutely not. But, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was repeatedly warned I was NEVER going to sleep again.

What a terrifying thing to tell someone who is working to create new life. I started researching to prepare myself for what seemed to be inevitable sleepless nights for the rest of my adult life.

Then, the day *finally* came. We brought our beautiful little bundle home and we were EXHAUSTED! That's when I reached out to some sleep consultants to get their advice. They talked me through different techniques to help me teach my newborn how to fall asleep independently and what to do in certain situations to teach her HOW to sleep. Once I started implementing these techniques, we finally slept and have been sleeping great ever since!

Now, I want to be that resource for YOU!


Where You Can Start:


Download your free copy of THE ULTIMATE SLEEP GUIDE FOR PARENTS. You'll discover my sleep story and learn the science of baby sleep! You'll also get a sneak peek at the sleep products and wake windows I use and recommend to my clients.


I offer free, no-hassle 15 minute sleep calls to be your ear and offer solutions to help you catch your much-needed Z's. I'm the mom who will "get" you and this is the perfect first step before working with me!


Skip right to the solutions. I offer an Ultimate Sleep Plan Package (my most popular service), a DIY Personalized Sleep Plan, along with a big pile of digital downloads all geared toward to sleepier nights and well-rested mornings!

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