The Dreaded 4 Month Sleep Regression


You got through the newborn phase, worked out a rhythm and you are FINALLY sleeping a little more every night then the 4 month sleep regression hits!

You have heard ALL about it and thought to yourself “Maybe we will just skip it, our baby is finally such a good sleeper” but then it happens. They are fighting naps, bedtime sleep and waking MULTIPLE times through the night! On top of it all, your baby has started rolling or showing signs of rolling so you also need to give up the swaddle…now what?!

Did you know….

Sleep regressions (as everyone calls them) are anything but actual regressions. Every time your baby’s sleep gets messy, they are developing HUGE milestones! Their little baby brains are in overdrive trying to learn all these new fun things! It is an important step to development to have your baby experience these sleep regressions.

“Ya, ok, cool Rachel, but I miss sleeping!

I HEAR you and FEEL you!

Here are some ways to get through the 4 month sleep regression:

  1. Have your baby practice all these new cool skills during their wake windows like rolling over! Tummy time will be your best friend.
  2. Go outside! Getting outside to get fresh air and some Vitamin D does wonders for sleep. Your baby can now see all these awesome things in the world, so go explore! Do some tummy time outside, let them feel the grass. Lay on your backs and look at the trees! Stimulating your baby’s brain will help them sleep better.
  3. Avoiding introducing sleep props. Common sleep props are rocking/bouncing and nursing/feeding to sleep. When you use these techniques to get your little one to sleep, they do not know how to sleep without them. If your baby heavy requires sleep props to help them fall asleep, they will be asking you to help them with this after every sleep cycle (around 90mins). Yikes!
  4. If you haven’t started a bedtime routine yet, now is the time! Start a routine that you do every night and a mini version you do before every nap. This will calm down your baby and let them know it is time for sleep. Make sure to move your feedings to the BEGINNING of your routine to not form a feed to sleep association.
  5. Be patient! Easier said than done, I know. Sleep regressions can last up to a few weeks, but staying consistent in a routine will help you all get through it!

If you are really struggling with the 4 month sleep regression and you are about to rip your hair out, please don’t!

I am here for you!!! Reach out and check out our sleep programs. Let me help you get through it! It is ok to ask for help!

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